Welcome To Clove Dental Clinic

We know as well as anyone that your smile is one of the most noticeable and memorable features of your face. That is why the dental team at Clove Dental Clinic work hard to provide you with the very best dental healthcare Dubai has to offer.

Clove Dental Clinic has a solution for all of your oral imperfections; real or imagined. We can now transform a mouth filled with broken, missing, discolored or uneven teeth and replace silver fillings with a more natural white finish.

Everything is possible; it all begins with you seeking your dentist’s advice. Studies agree that the smile is usually the most important and best-remembered feature when we meet a new person. A smile makeover doesn’t just transform your mouth; it changes your life!

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Our Promise To You Is To:

As a result of improved oral hygiene and fluoride, more people are keeping their own teeth into old age but in order to continue to maintain healthy teeth and gums, a regime of brushing and rinsing twice a day should be combined with inter-dental brushing – cleaning between the teeth.
  • Provide you excellent dental care

  • Offer you competitive prices

  • Be respectful of your needs.

  • Smoking is significant risk factor

  • Accommodate your busy schedule & see you on time.

  • Offer you all the treatment options available

  • Provide clear written estimates of your treatment plan.