Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Surgical extraction

This is a procedure in which surgical access is required to completely remove a tooth. Even if the tooth is visible in the mouth without surgically expositing it, surgical techniques may be necessary to remove the tooth. This includes gum incision, sectioning the tooth into two or more pieces, cutting bone and takes stitches.

Removal of wisdom teeth

The third molars (wisdom teeth) may some often not have enough space to erupt and end up being retained in the jaw. It may be required to remove them when causing symptoms such as pain and swelling of the gum or when they are associated with cysts.

Surgical tooth exposure

Orthodontic traction is the treatment of choice for malposition and retained teeth. This is most commonly practiced in canines where the surgical exposure of the teeth is needed to achieve their correct position with brackets.

Labial Frenectomy

It is a surgical procedure that helps to close the gap between the front central teeth (median diastema) which cause is the lower insertion of the labial frenum. The removal and new insertion of the frenum are done easily with this surgery.

Cyst Enucleation

A cyst is defined as a pathological cavity having fluid contents. Cysts in the jaws are more common than in any other bone and its treatment is the total removal (enucleation) of the cystic lesion.

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